Engaging staff. Delivering results!

Ownership, Initiative and Performance (OIP) engages employees, volunteers, and student leaders, making them an integral part of the organization’s overall success. When employees and/or volunteers feel that they are a key part of something greater, they are more motivated, efficient and effective.
Working within the framework of Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, and Project Management, OIP helps organizations reposition themselves through integration of personal goals, aligned with the goals of the organization.
Initiative: A new initiative takes a great amount of coordination and focus. By eliminating the baggage often found in organizational cultures, sustainability of past success, innovation, and organizational character through your workforce inspires change and drives initiative.
Restructuring: The change that comes with restructuring can often be uncomfortable and scary. OIP starts with the individual, gets them engaged through emotional intelligence. It helps them manage change, their emotions and most importantly, relationships, by engaging in purposeful peer interaction.
Managing volunteers: There is no greater compliment than having someone give of their time for your cause. What volunteers want in return for their efforts is to be part of something incredible and to have their time used effectively. OIP has helped non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations bring out the best in each of their members and drive exceptional performance.