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Cultivate Your Calling

TLR provides a range of online courses for Career Readiness....

Cultivate Your Calling is the first step in our Career Readiness Series. You may be wondering what the term "cultivate your calling" means. To us it simply means instilling in your students the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence in essence is the ability to recognize, use, understand, and control emotions in constructive ways so that you can relieve stress, communicate, empathize, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. We place empahasis on self-awareness. And we encourage your students to clarify and define their talents, skills and abilities. Cultivate is a writing-based course, which not only improves creativity, but also increases self-awareness because of the self-reflection writing requires. Learners also take part in an ongoing storyline, Jewel Jamison's career search. This additional layer of learning allows students to reflect and respond. Upon completion, students create a professional profile to maximize their career search.